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ORPALIS Imaging Technologies Opens Additional Offices in Toulouse

ORPALIS is pleased to announce the opening of new offices downtown Toulouse, France, in addition to the headquarters in Muret.

Muret, France, 25th February 2020

Since January 2020, ORPALIS has a new address in Toulouse. As the team of the French imaging company is growing, it became necessary to open more space in a convenient place.

Toulouse, the hometown of Airbus, is one of the most dynamic metropolitan areas of France, with a growing population of almost 20,000 inhabitants per year.

ORPALIS chose to join the At Home-startup network, so its employees benefit from a dynamic and creative environment in one of the city’s popular areas.

At Home manages the Cité des Startups campus opening in March in a brand new space dedicated to innovation. The organization also has offices in Paris with meeting spaces available to its network members.

Located right next to the best development, IT, and business schools of the city, ORPALIS’s new offices aim to attract more students and interns.

Along with other advantages like remote work made available to anyone, the company wishes to bring more flexibility to its collaborators and partners by having an office close to public transportation and all commodities.

3, rue Alaric II
31000 TOULOUSE – France


ORPALIS is an editor of imaging software, PDF processing, and large-scale document flow management for professionals and individuals.


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