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PassportPDF at CES 2020: Impressions

Hi Everyone,

We’re now back from CES where we presented our new PassportPDF solution to the public.

We’re a bit late for this wrap-up, but what happened is that all of us who went to Vegas caught the flu on the way back (thank you, freezing planes and convention center!), which slowed things quite a bit.

It was a very intense week for the team there, with lots of people stopping by and a tight schedule.

What did we learn at CES?

There are lots of people there, especially French people

300 companies and startups from France participated in the 2020 edition.
Our booth at Eureka Park was under the Occitanie (if you want to visit, Occitanie is in the Southwest of France) banner.

We should rename Eureka Park into France Park!

Not all innovations are made equal

Here are some of our favorite things we saw at the Venetian/Sands Expo.

From Alexa driving your car to intelligent potatoes.

You need a lot of coffee during the week

The schedule is intense, and you don’t want to miss an opportunity for a great discussion.

De bonne heure et de bonne humeur (bright and early) with Loïc C, Loïc A, Delphine, and Elodie

More seriously, here is what we learned at CES about electronic documents

During the week, we met people from many different countries and industries, freelancers, managers, and employees working in companies of all sizes. Here is what we learned from them.

PDF may be 25 years old, but people still use it daily and struggle with their documents for basic tasks

To quote a person stopping at our booth: I love PDFs, but I hate to work with them.”

That is exactly why we were here!
PassportPDF aims to simplify PDF and electronic document management for everyone, individuals, developers, professionals.
You will find, in a single place, desktop apps, online tools, and APIs to manage the full lifecycle of an electronic document, from acquisition to storage.

It is time to (seriously) downsize the carbon footprint of electronic documents

Green IT and environmental issues are at the heart of many new startups and established companies.
One of the major concerns is the space electronic documents take on servers in the Cloud, and as a consequence, the pollution generated by data centers.
Over the years, the need to archive documents electronically is growing exponentially along with the storage price. If some documents cannot be deleted because of long-term legal archiving needs, most of the time, they can take less space. Compression and hyper-compression techniques can dramatically reduce the size of PDFs and electronic documents, without compromising on the reading quality.

For the last 10 years, we have worked on a hyper-compression engine that addresses all areas of compression and optimization, with a focus on font optimization, data compression, and image analysis.
The resulting files provide optimum and improved reading quality, without slowing the loading process even on large documents.

This innovative engine is available in all our solutions, PassportPDF included, you can try it below:

CES is getting greener each year!
CES is getting greener each year!

Security and privacy is once again the major concern for everyone and all industries

The public is more and more informed about security and privacy issues: everyone we met is making sure their companies are GDPR-compliant. The concern about how security is managed in Cloud environments is also growing.

PassportPDF is hosted on several secure clouds through a set of distributed, scalable, and always available applications. Any file you upload/process is deleted from our servers within 30 minutes. You may also force their deletion right after processing.

New laws in many countries are pushing the digitization. Fast

If we take the example of France, the finance bill for 2020 states that all companies (not only companies and large organizations working with government agencies, as it is the case today) will have to use electronic invoicing for VAT invoices.
This decision implies, according to the legal text, to provide the authenticity, good legibility, and the integrity of the content of the electronic invoices, thanks to:

  • Electronic signature and qualified electronic certificates.
  • Controls establishing a reliable audit trail between an invoice and the delivery of goods or the provision of services, either in the form of a message structured according to a secure standard agreed between the parties allowing reading by computer: integrated management software package (ERP), electronic data interchange (EDI), XML format, electronic mail with an attached PDF file, fax received electronically, for example.
  • Compatibility of the sender (supplier) and receiver (customer) systems, so proof of receipt can be provided.

And of course, all electronic invoices will need to be archived for up to 10 years (forever!) in some cases. This is where PDF/A comes into action.

With our different SDK and productivity solutions over the years, we have provided many ways to facilitate digitization processes.
With PassportPDF, we offer another way to consume our technologies. We hope you will like our new microservices!



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