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ORPALIS Imaging Technologies joins PSDPDFKit

We’re Joining the PSPDFKit Team!

It’s finally official! ORPALIS is now part of the PSPDFKit team. We’re proud to join forces with the Austrian-American company, and we’re excited to present an extended offer of components and solutions to our customers.

You may have noticed the announcement on all our websites, we’re adding a new step to our journey!

Focusing on innovation

Since the release of the GdPicture SDK in 2003, ORPALIS has developed an extensive suite of components thanks to an aggressive roadmap based on user feedback.

You can check our weekly releases since 2008 (unfortunately, we didn’t keep the first versions) on our forum.

Major milestones

The first GdPicture release

The GdPicture SDK is at the heart of our company. Since its first release in 2003, we’ve provided tools and solutions for millions of users.
All our products are built with GdPicture, including our other SDKs:

And our productivity apps:

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