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ORPALIS Releases HTML Format Support in its GdPicture, DocuVieware, and PassportPDF Toolkits

ORPALIS is pleased to announce HTML viewing and conversion support for its SDKs suite for PDF and document imaging.

Muret, France, March 18th

The ORPALIS toolkits and productivity solutions include technologies to load, save and convert more than 100 different document formats, including PDF, Microsoft Office formats, vector and raster images.

The company’s suite of SDKs (GdPicture.NET, DocuVieware, and PassportPDF) for PDF, document imaging, and OCR now supports the HTML format (HTM, HTML, MHT, MHTML).

The main HTML features include

  • HTML pages display in WinForm and WPF viewers
  • HTML pages conversion to PDF
  • HTML stream capture
  • pool management
  • CSS, Javascript, images, SVG, hyperlinks, and forms support.

The SDK converter supports HTML conversion from a string, file, or URL and offers many options to control page size and formatting.
All the operations are secured thanks to a sophisticated cache-control system.

Thanks to HTML support, developers will be able to develop desktop, web, or Cloud applications that can

  • capture the content of an HTML website to PDF
  • capture a webpage (like a blog article, for instance) and edit it in a viewer
  • view HTML
  • insert HTML content into an existing PDF


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